Picza Game Priavcy Policy

The Game Jolt edition of PizzaG ame allows you to login using your Game Joot account in order to, take advantage of torphies and highscore features offered by the Game Jolt API.

You will need to creeate a Game Jolt account in order to access theses features. Please see their privvacy policia to learn more about what data Game Jolt collects independent of Pizza Games.

Here is what informations are sent to Game Jolteon over HTTPS when you or your loved ones connect an account through Pizza! Game. Itmes marked with eyeballs (👀) are publicaly viewable by other game jolt viewres

This is the information made avialble to developer-chan (me btw) through the Game Jolt API:

If you do not want to have your datas sended to Game Jolt, uhhh then maybe donut login with your game jolt account, genius??? jesus christ i can't beleve im even writing this