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Pizza Gam

User Manuel


A Latino man in a buisiness suit, whom I have dubbed Manuel for purposes of this joke.
Remember to water your Manuel everday.

Welcome to the Pizza Game Manuel! we look forward to serving your Pizza Needs. For over no years, Manuel has been helping amateur and pro gamers alike begin their career playing PIzza Game. We invite you to read the words written in this booklet and comprehend them with your brain.


Ok so Im not sure how u amnaged to read this manual without downloadin the game first but fr the sake of completeness I will explain how to do install Pizza Game.

If you bought Pizza Game on Steam, you will be ableo to install the game fro mthe Steam client.

As an alternativ to stea,m, ou can either use the Game Jolt Client or itch to buy, instal, and run the game (preferbly in that order!), o just buy and dowload from these Game Store sites!

If you downloaded zip folder from website, you may have to extract it using Extraction Technology, such as 7zip. You should be able to figure ut how to do this if not please contaact your grandchildren for support. Your grandchildren's contact details are listed at the bottom of the manuel.

Starting the Game

First of all if you have open this manuel instead of launching the program then I am sorry to say you failed the drivers test of playing video game and will not be moving onto the next round.

Before instaling and running the game (actually you should do this before buying it, but if your lookin at this manual its already too late LOL), make sure you meet the miningmum system requirements:

Operating System
Windows XP, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, or Ubuntu 12.04

Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.00 GHz or PROBABLY AMD Athlon???


NVIDIA Titan 5 JK anything with OpenGL 2.0 or DirectX 9.0c

Your computer should also have these minimum specs, probably.

Once your PIzza is installed, you can run it from your respective client or launch the exe from teh folder (or whatever its called in Mac or Linux idk lol). Then the game will start, because that is how software works.



Uninstalling :(

Author's Note: Uninstalling Pizza aGame is a bad idea, because, then you will miss it and there will be a sad face on your face when you cannot play it any more. But if for example Mr. Arimnaes has a gun to your headface and tells you to delete all your pizzas, it is good information to know.

If you are using a game client like Steam, follow the instruction for uninstalling game on that client. There will rpobably be a button or something idk im not in MENSA. Otherwise you can simply move the Pizza Game folder from where you installed it to your garbage, then wait until garbage pickup day. Please check with your local municipality to find out when is garbage pickup.

Before deleting the pizza game, you will maybe want to also remove its datas. In the Extras menu, there is an optoin to delet all your save files, persistent datas, and any screenshots in the pizza folder (Steam screenshots are not affectioned by this). Use it to to delet all your save files, persistent datas, and any screenshots in the pizza folder.

If you would like to manually scoop out your saved pizzas because buttons are for lazy people and you are a Hard Worker, delete the Pizza Game save folder, which it is called Pizza Saves NO BOYS ALLOWED. If you are a boy, yu will be unable to access it. Here is probably where you can find this folder on your computer type thingy:




2; Gampley Basics


Kiane is getting a new job in Flordaddle as the secretary of big tech CEO billionaire guy, Mr. Arimnaes. Kiane has a big crush on Arimnaes, but he does not feel the same way. Over the course of five daysicles, Kiane will make new friends, attempt fo find true love, and discover many secret about her strange new town, such as the fact Mr. Arimnaes is a murderer!!

Oh fuck that was a spoiler oops I mesed up please uninstall pizza game sorry for wasting your time


The basic interactions in Pizz aGame can be controlled using either your keyboard or mouse, or... BOTH???? (pro gamers only do not attempt)

Dialogue Controls

Other Controls

Menu Controls

Window Controls

Keyboard tips

To adjust a setting using a bar (lik volume for examplies), you can navigate to it using the arrow keys. ones you have the bar focused press enter to activate it. Then u can press left or right to adjust the bar value. FINely, press enter again to deactivate the bar. Thank u for cming to my ted talk.

Controller Support???

Listen bucko if you need a game controller to play a visual novel that uses one button then maybe u better go back to SUPER MARIO before u can Level Up to this FPS (gaming term).


Pizza Game is a dating sim slash visual novel.. In visual novel, instead of regular game there is boring game where you advance text. The goal of game is to spend time with you favorite datable character. EacH playtrhu lasts 5 in-game days unless u get a gamover sooner.

Day 1
has some tutorial and introduce many of they characters u will date. Choices determine Day 2.

Day 2
comes in 3 flavors, each one focusing on two datable character. Choices determine you route.

Day 3-5
have 5 versions, one for each of the datingble characters. Choices. Determined your ending.

Good Ending
is he happy ending that yew get by making the Good choices!

Normal, Ending
is regular end you get dumpsterd into if you didn't do good or bad enough.

BAD Ending
the secrt ending... the method of obtaining each bdad ending varies by route.

There is also a sixth hIDden (aka SECRET aka clanedestine) mini-route with 3 character endings, a unique Day 5, and some unique Day 4 scenes...... Who is it for? That is the mystery of hte pizza...

Once you get at laest one ending for each of the main 5 route, Kiane will be able to guess her employe passcode for Office Lady, and you will can able to access the True Route! The TRUE ROUTe has 5 full days of content, new character, plot twist, and Serious Choices Matter Consequences like character death, plus two endings, one of which has a modular (woah big words) epilogue depending on your choice...s! Wow exciting video game


Sometimes the text will be interrupted by questions where you have to choose between 1 and 4 option. Sometimes these choices will affect outcome of story. General Pattonly, your choices over coarse of the game willd etermine your affinity twoard certain characters and the ending u get!

Homestar Runner Thingies

Sometimes the text will have different-looking text in them that is actualy linked text. You can click on those words and they will take you to funny bonus scene or show extra dialogue. Funnyness of bonus scene is not guaranteed, please do not ask for refund.

Text INput

Sometimes u will get ask a question and have to type your answe into the box. USe the keyboard to type your ansnwer and then press ENTER to submit it when u done.


Suprrise! Theyre is QTEs in Pizza Game! QTE is the part of visual novel or other story-focused game where there is dumb arbirtary keyboard inputs because the developers remembered they wanted to make a game but forgot to add game part and panicked. The instrurctions for QTE will come before it or will be on the screen.

There are many type of QTE:

You can, disable QTEs from the Options scren if you want to skip over them and you will get some alternate dialogue scene instead. It's a good time.


The Chris Roote features a rudimentry RPG system bc I was runnin out of ideas at that point and I'm very sorry. In that route you will fight varous characters by choosing attacks or using items until their healths go down to 0 or yours do and you die. The RPG is handled through teh usual menu system.


Somtimes if you do badly at any of the above-mentioned things, it mgiht cause you to Kiane die and get a gameover. A gameover is when your video game self-destructs because u did bad and u canut play it anymore. Make sure to save before makig any bad decisions!

Screenshots & the Camera

Use Kiane's camera to take screenshot of your pizza friends and favorite scenes. If you camera at certain times, you can unlock hidden dialog and scenes, sometimes dramaticaly altering the course of the game.

Screenshots are saved in a folder called screenshootes in the game directory.

The camera feature can be trigered through the topbar menu Photo button or a key on the keyboard (by defualt F12 BUT you can customize it).

Confesion: Piza Game's screenshot files are very large because, I couldn'tn't figure out how to compres them, and I asked on LemmaSoft and they wouldnant help me because of my shity screenshot function. Anyway there like 1-2MB a pop.

This might be a problem if your harddrive is only 3 megabytes, so you can set a "no file" camera key in the Extra Settings menu that will trigger Kiane's camera (to try and unlock Easter Eggs etc.) without saving a screenshot on your computer! WOW technology

Screenshots in Steam

If you are palying the Steam version, activiating the Pizza Game in-game camera will not sav e a picture in the Screenshots folter, because it is assumption that screenshooting functionality is handled by Steam.

File -> Settings -> In-Game -> Screenshot shortcut keys

The default Steam screnshot hotkey is F12, but since this key may be illegal to use in some countries, you can change this key in the Extra Settings menu in pizza game, or by editing your hotkey seddings in Steam. The image figure above shows how to set your screenshotting hotkey in Steam, and how to access your steam screnshhtot folder fastly.

Screenshots handled with Steam can be found wherever screenshots live on Steam, I don't actualy remember the folder path sorry. After you close the game, uf you are connection to internet, Steam will promtp you to view, caption and upload your pizza gameshots. Be sure to upload them online to do free marketing for PIzza Game, thanks.

3. Menus In-Depthf

There are many menu in the game intyourface included free of charge.

The main menu

This menu appears when you start up the game. Thare are meny options on it. The main menu background will be different color depending on the annunser character voice you pick!

Start a new game frfom the beginning part.

Load your most recently saves file. To load an older save file, open the file menu while in game.

view extra settings and b-b-b-bBONUS CONTENT!

Leave the gaeme (not recommended)

Open the manual in the browser. Wow! You are here!!

Open the pizza game website, There you can create pizza quizzes, customzie your pizza igloo, and discussthe latest episode of pizza game on the PIza Forums. lol I'm just kidding it's a brochure site

Geme Settings

The game settings pag of the extras menu.

Here you can choose your menu announcer voice to your favorite character and they will say words at you when you hover over an option feature on the main menus or try to quit the game. After completing a characters route with any ending you will unlock their announce voice to use. Aloso, you should pick Mr. Arimnaes because he is the best one. Kiane's voice is unlocked by defau.t. Theres also the None option, which will disabl the voice completely.

On this settings screen youcan remap some of the miscellaneous function keys, but not all of them becuase I am not very smart or good at coding.

Click the key name to the right of the control you want to remap and hten press the key of your choice on the keyboard. If it is a good key to use you will be prompted to confirm your choice or throw it in the trash. if itis a bad key (already used by one of the basic functions) you will be killd.

Pizza Confession: The "Nothing" key actually does SOMETHING. This is the key to activate links in dialogue text without needing to use your mousey mouse. It's called nothing because originaly the key did nothing and well I could change it but the past is in the past sorry.

Oonce you have completed the true route you can enable developers commentation. That ameans u CANOT do it in the demo version sorry but this is one slice of premium pizza that u are going to have to pay for. Check the box, then start the game and you will see text lines from me, MrS. Developer, intersperesd in the dialog. There are many secrets to be had in these riddles. If you think Pizza Game is boring and just want to see the commentary parts, try setting the skip option to "seen text only" so you can skip everything but the authors notes.

Use this button to delete all your data so your little broter can play Pizza Game too! This button DeSTroys your save files, unlocked scenes, characers, and musictracks. Its pretty metal. It's the Warped Lamp of buttons.

Scene select part of menu.
IN demo version, these are they is the only scenes is these ones.

This menu allow you to jump to any scene you have unlocked. You can use it to skip to certain part of game without having to replay a whole bunch.

For all the routes exception Chris and the True Route, the game will rememb your highest and lowest all time affinity point scores and alow you to start with those values so you can unlock for diffent endings. Therefore, you want be able to jump to a scene unles you have finished that day at leats once. Beating it twice with diferent scores will allowage you to start the day with eithr a high or low score.

Music Room desu.

Play audio files you have heard in this room.! If you can't hear the sound, make sure the volume is turn up, then make sure you computer have a volume feature, then make sure you have ears.

What the actual game looks like. The topbar is at the top of the screen part.

This little WINNEr at the top of the screen is whatwe in the biz call our "pizza game toppings bar," or topbar for shortisms. This is where you can control your pizza gameplay* (*NOTE: there is no gameplay) with the click fo a mouse if you just can't handle those kedeyboard buttons.

Each of the icons has a tooltip undneath so you can see what it does before you commit to clicking on it, as we all no buttons are a lifetime deal, once you clicke on it then boom that's a marraige. You could go in the game and see what these buttons do, but sinse your the sort of person who READS?? a MANUAL?? before starting a game I guess I will just tell you waht they do it's not like i have anything better to do now at 6:53am ok here it is from left to right*:

Open the in-game menu

Open the file select scren

Open the optpons mennu

Open the character menu

Go back one message

Evil Twin Triangle
go forward one message

Double Trouble Triangle
toggle skipng

Evil Twin Crashing Into A Wall
Skip to next choice or next in-game day, whichever come first.

Kill Sensei JK take a picture

As you see we have a lot of good stuff going on here. On the other side of the topbar it will be says your current location in game in case you are confused by my complex storytelling.

Pause, screen.

This is th epause menu that is access by hitting X after you have started the game. From this menu u can go back to the main menu OR even quit the game. There are also some other tabs in it:

Tjere are three file to select from. That is so many!!! I should charge more for this game honestly.

This is the page where you can save and load your save files... there are only three slot so be very careful wth your pizza choices. Fortunately most of Pizza Game is not a tangly wangly so you shouldnt need more than seven save files at any given time oh wait OOPS.

Click the rcreate or save button on the file u want in order to save. Pizza Game will automatics overwrite your save file without asking so make sure to double check you don't save over the file where you cauhgt a shiny Arimnaes.

If you've saved a file to the slot, you can use the the load button on it and will load the file in questern from the last save point.

To delete a save file, u can click the top right, hand corner of the file you want to throw in the garbarge.

Many options for your perusaling.

Hi the options page has options you might need to calibrate your pizza. Here are they are these ones:

Adjusts the volumes. You can change volume for background music, soudn effects, voice clips, and character talky beepy sounds.

Press the mute button to mute all the sounds. To mute just one kind of sounds, manualy adjust it volume to 0 degrees celsius.

You can ennable subtitulos (*spanish*) and the game will narration story-important sounds. Nneon of the sounds are that important but for example if a doorball ring and the characters sit there listening to it then there is subtitles so you don't feel out of the loop.

Adjust how you progres thru the story text. The default skip seting is recomend if is your first time playing the game, as it will cause the game to stop skipping when you encounter new text. Otherwise game will skip until you stop skipping or encounter a choice or die

Skip after choices is self-intuitive; it will determines whether skipping stops after a chocie is made or continues.

Text speed control the speed at which the text displays. You can do slow for grandmas, medium for regular ppls, and fast for annoying ppls who always complain about game text being too slow. It's not our fualt u wasted $299 on a 7-hour speed reading course, DAVE.

Enabling Skip QTEs will show a bit of alternate dialogue and then skip the QTE parts so you can still enjoy pizza game even if you don't have arms or whatever i don't know your life

U can toggle fullscreen here.

Next there are different choices of hw to render graphics, Software, OpenGL, Angle/DirectX, and Default/Auto. The default optoin will use OpenGL 2.0+, DirectX 9, OpenGL 1.x., and softwrare render in that order. Official Ren'Py documentaries recommends yuo try them in this order when explicitly specifying a renderer, but as per the Pizz aGame credo we advise you to pick one at random and hope for the best.

If u are experiencing no problems tho and the game is a perfectamundo (italian kissy motion) then u shouldnt need to touch! this option, but pretty much any kind of lag and several types of relationship problems can be fixed by picking a new renderer.

Remember the graphics renderer setting will not take affect until you restart the gam, so please save your grame and restart it after making a selections.

Finally there comes the power saving, option. When this is enabled, PIza Game will only run at full FPS when your computer is connecte dto power, and update at 5hz on battery life. If you are on a deksotp PC without a battery, it will save EXTRA power by running at 0hz when your power is removed, though this is true regardless of the setting. Turn this off to always run at max FPS.

Kiane's caracter scrapboke.

The character screenu will tell u about the characters yuo meet in Pizza Game. Character profiles are shared across all your game files and will automaticaly update to show the most complete informations. If you wan tto reset your carcter bios you'll have to deleetza your pizza data in Extra Settings.

Did ou know? Sometimes taking a picthur of a character at the right time will unlock a specsil photo for them on the character page!

4. Troubleshoting

Hi onfortantely we cannot actually trouble shoot as pizza game is a visual novel and not a first person shooter. Thanks for reading! im lonly

Fixing Lag

If you are experiencing lag while advancing dialog, viewing in-game menus oxfordcomma, or otherwise using the Flavor-Enhanced Official Pizza Game Pizza Cursor(TM), try these steps to fix the problem issue:

  1. Changing the graphics renderer in the Options menu. (Remmeber to restart your game for change to take affection)
  2. Plugging in your laptop if it is a laptop, or convert your desktop to a laptop so you can plug it in and enjoy enhanced performance (tech tip)
  3. Setting your laptop to performants rather than energy-saving mode
  4. Updating your graphics drivers (DUH Emily get a brain)
  5. Screaming

Player Agnecy

Generally vido games should not randomly change fullscreen settings, window titles, or other meta-elements in the middle of the game for story enhancement, as this can interfere with the usability of the program and cause unexpected behavior. The widely known exception to this rule is cool guys, so don't be alarmed if Lamp changes the window specs mid-game. It's JUST A PRANK.

3D Graph ics

Please use the 3D glasses included in your Pizza Gmae Box™ in order to view in the third dimension.

Game Accessibility Info


Pizza Game is designed to help adaptable individualtypes of ALL kinds enjoy their pizza. Except lactose intolerentse. However fffffit is interely possible to enjoy pizza in other ways which are outside the scope of this manual.

If you are an accessible person and u have a recomendation on how to make gamepaly featuers easier 4 u to use, please contadct your local pizza.

Visual Impairments

First of all, I'm not sure y or how u picked up this game tbh, but I hope you and your screenreader are having a grand old time. Second of all, DO NOT WORRY, as you can still use your earballs as eyeballs to play this visual novel thanks to MODERN SPEECH SYNTHESIS TECHNOLOGY. Enable the engine's built-in TTS using Shift + V.

Pizza Game is only partially voice-act, meaning caracters have short voice clips that reflect their emotions but aren't 1 to 1 with the written dialogue. Ren'Py's text-to-speech featur yields to voice lines, so you won't initially hear what the actual line says! Here are some way to fix this problem:

Alternativley, if you have your own screenreader that read from clipboard, you can use Shift + C to automaticaly copy new text to the clipboard and then that will happen where the screenreader reads it. Unfortunately, this has some negative side effects, firstly that you will have shitty pizza game text on your clipboard, and secondly program is reading from alt text in a lot of cases which has been modified so character names and other stuff are spelled phoneticaly (I couldn't get SSML tags to work okY??? leave me alone). So for example if you are blind and the pretty girl at school is only friends with ppl who ca nspell Mr. Airimnaze correctly, and you give her da text you got from the clipboad, then things will not be looking so good for you.

If a character appears to be make a text sound and there is no voice clip but nothing happens on the voice reader, you can approbably assume their dialogue is all punctuation marks.

Gameplay for ppl without eyeballs

Sometimes there are links in the text which go to other humorous scene. These are be read allowed as "Linked text:" followed by the text part that is linked. You can either select this text with mouse or trigger the text link by pressing a key which is L by default. See Keyboard Settings for more infosmation on this control.

When a choice menu appears, text to speech will say "it is time to make a decision," so that way you know it is time to do that. Use the arrow keys or mouse to navigate the choice menu on screen. The choiceparts will be red allowed when you hover over them, and then you can click or press enter to select the goodest one.

Audio Cues

Sometimes there is popup windows in the interface, like the game menu. in Game Jolt version, the main menu has a button that popups a Game Jolt login screen. "How will I know they are popup???" you scream into the night. Well here are some good sounds that will maybe helpful to know. If you hear them, that means their associated thing is hapen.

Window open
Window close

Also doubly, there are sometimes actions that will cause a confirmation prompt to appear. You can clik the buttons on it or use keyboard. Press enter to confirm you action or escape key to cancel.

If you would like to quit the game without confirmation window appearsing, use Ctrl + Shift + Q ok thx.

Confirmation popup

Hearing Impairments

If you are deafpth and using your eyeballs as earballs, head to the options menu and enable subtitles. This will to trigger subtitles for story-importent sounds. I dont realy have much else to say here. Ur not going to miss anything rly except the Mr. Arimnaes rap which is pretty cool, I will maybe post the lyrics on line some day.

Cognitive Impairments

So if you are have a hard time understanding semantic stuff normaly, like for example this manual, then Im sorry to say Piza is probably not the game for you because even I dont know whats going on in it most of the time, and I am person who wrote it.

I also hav no idea how this game's text interacts with dyslexia, but hopefully Pizza Speak is actually the secret cure for it and everythin im typin here looks normal. If not, hopefully, won day pizza game will becom popular enough that someone decides to do a properly spelled redux version of it for none reason. Alternatively, see the abovetype section on text-to-speech feature to have the game read text allowed for you.

If you have disability that efects your speedy decision making, you can disable QTEs from the options screne. There arent too many timed ones actualy, but QTEs are pretty bad in general so it is okay if you want them to die

Epilepsy Warming

Remember to don't play video games if they make your brainparts explode. There aren't many flashing lighty things in this game, just some characters blipping around real fast like in places. You might want skip over the part where Lillibean is transforming, or cover your eyeballs during it to be on the safe side. The line right before is "Lillibean is evolving!"

Manual Impairments

Pizzas have done their best to be keybaord accessible. However, on mor complexicated menus, sometimes the focus shifts around a little funny. If you are able to only able use a keyboard or other non-mouse devicicle, you may find it helpful to enable self voicign (Shift + V) on certain menus such as Extra Settings, so that the system of a down will read helpful texts for the currently focused item.

Big Hint: To use volume or scroll bars with your keyboard, use the arrows to move focus onto the bar, and then press enter to activat it. Now using the arrows will modifey the value or position of the bar. Press enter again to deactivation.

The PgUp and PgDn keys can also be used to scroll in the Sound Test and Scene Select screns.

See Conrtrols section, Topbar Menu, and Options Scren for information on how to access specific game controls using mouse or keyboard. Remember also u can Remap some of the controls.

Furthermost, If you donot like having to click frequently to advance the text, u can toggle Autoforward mode, which will advance the texxt for you after a short time. The key to toggle AFM is A by defalt, but you can choose your own key for it in the Extras meunu.

Emotional Impairamntes

There is currently no option to delete sensei from the game to enhance psychological accessbility, but this feature is on our roadmap for the future, which is developer-speak for IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Frortunately most of this characters in the game are suicidal so they will understand if you need to take a break to have a low-key panic attack or other episode.

Gastrointestinal Imparements

Pizza Game is highly tolerant of our colon-disabled friends. so rest assured that even if you have an IBS flareup in the middle of the game causing you to go afk to poop for 20 minutes straight you will not get penalized, unlike iN League of legends not that I speak from experience

Appendix A: Contact Infos

Pizza Gmae is maded by Me, incredibly pretty girl who is called Plasterbrain. Other people also contributed a work on it, but for general game informations, accessibliity requests, or technical supportage you should probably talk to me instead because those other ones will look at my code and screm
[email protected]

I do not actualy have your grandchildren contact info, so im sorry if u scrolled down here fastly getting all excited because Jenny stoped talking to u seven years ago after telling her she needed to "quit th e gay lifestyle" or whatever. The exception , to this rule is if you are my grandma.

Translating Pizzaa

I do not advice you to take on this challenge, but if for some reason you really want to translate the pizza, you should email me at [email protected].


Q. I found a bug in Pizza Game! What should I do? Should I scream?

A. Do not scream. This will alert Mr. Arimnaes and he will come RUNNING AT TOP SPEEDS INTO YOUR HOME. Instead, you should what to do is submit a bug report at our website and we will fix it.

Q. Ok so I think I press something funny and now the game is talkin to me in a text-to-speech voice HOW DO I IT TO STOP!

That's self-voicing, which u would know if u ummm READ my manual instead of skipping to the end. You can toggle it wit Shift + V.

Q. Why Canot I skip to True Route days 2-5 in scene select?

A. The reason is sthose scenes have some variations dependage on your choices from the days earlier which the other roundtes don't.

Q. Haunted Pizza Game?

A. Haunted Pizza Game isn't real. Do not look for it.

Q. Hello canI have sex with ROobit?

A. Unfortunately at this time Roobits reproduce asexually

Q. Wow, you spent a ltot of time on this fuckign manual instead of doing other things like playing Just Dance or working on PIzza Game.

A. Thats not a question

Q. WHY did u spend so much time on pointless garbage?

A. Ok first of all thats rly hurtful my therapist tris to get me to see the positive sides of having a lot of OCDs and Anxietys in my brain and one of this positive sides is you make a relaly good manual, so, actually i think it is u who is the loser here

Q. How do I get a a refund on pizza game?